Counseling Department and Accessibility Services 

Counseling Department

Please click HERE if you are a Morganton Residential student seeking counseling services. 

Please click HERE if you are a Durham Residential student seeking counseling services.

Student Accessibility Services

Students with disabilities (physical, learning, psychological, chronic or temporary medical conditions, etc.) who would like to request reasonable accommodations and services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act must contact the NCSSM Office of Accessibility Services to discuss the programs and services offered by NCSSM’s Accessibility Services. 

Reasonable accommodations may be requested at any time during the academic year for all students; however, accommodations are not retroactive. Students who wish to learn more about NCSSM’s Accessibility Services, what might be considered as a reasonable accommodation, and the process for receiving such services are encouraged to visit the Accessibility Services website or contact Ms. Trotta, Ms. O'Rourke or Ms. Stroup at the contact information above.

Student Language Services

Students who are English language learners may contact Jessica Stroup at 828.347.9117 or Ms. Stroup and CAAS will work with the student to create an individualized plan based on their learning needs. Support measures will be designed to assist the student with their academic courses and may include conversations with each instructor.